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Moving To The ABC's
2018 Best Children's Educational
Preschool CD of the Year
Creative Child Magazine

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Moving To The ABC's Music & More

Moving To The ABC's CD,
Coloring Book and Lessons
 “Moving To The ABC’s”
 26 songs designed specifically for young learners and focuses on these skills:
*Learning the ABC’s through movement, songs, and actions.
*Movement, cognitive, social and emotional learning.
*Songs help teach early music concepts such as loud and quiet or high and low.
*Group learning, turn-taking and cooperation.
*Cross Curricular approach between Art, PE, Music and the General Classroom.
*A variety of music genres such as Rock, Acoustic, Jazz, & Folk Songs.

What is included in the Curriculum?
1) “Moving To The ABC’s” CD uses Award Winning Original Songs in its curriculum.  The CD offers 26 fun, active, engaging songs for children.
2) Coloring Book has 26 coloring pages that go with each song on the CD. Each coloring page also has a tracing letter for practice.
3) Lesson Plans – each song has lesson plans that include lessons for the General Classroom, Art, PE, and Music Class. 

CD and Song Awards

2018 Creative Child Magazine
Best Educational Preschool CD Of The Year
Freddie The Fish - 2018 Indie Music Channel Best Children's Song
Freddie The Fish - 2018 Indie Music Channel Best Children's Artist
Tambourine Star - Dallas Songwriters Assoc. 1st Place Children's Song
Dig Into Reading - Dallas Songwriters Assoc. 3rd Place Children's Song
Dig Into Reading - Akademia Music Awards Best Children's Song
Milkshake Lake - Children's Radio Award-Best Children's Artist
Squishy Squishy Flip Flops - Dallas Songwriters Assoc. 3rd Place Children's
Award Nominations
Awesome Alphabet Rap - Indie Music Channel Awards
Beach Ball Party - Indie Music Channel Awards

CD also available on iTunes, Amazon and other streaming services!
Order the "Moving To The ABC's" Curriculum from Teachers Pay Teachers.
The "Bundle" comes with Lesson Plans and all songs in MP3 format. 
Bundle Link
The Coloring Book is an extra purchase if you choose to use the coloring book!
Coloring Book Link

The coloring book has a coloring page for each song on the CD.  On the coloring page there is also a tracing letter to help with children learning to make their letters!
Coloring Book Download
Teachers Pay Teachers (Link)
Moving to the ABC's Lesson Plans
Zip File
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