Song of Kindness can be Personalized for Only $5.
  There can be a greeting at the beginning of the song and message in the middle of the song.  You can either record your own message and email it to us and we will insert your message into the song or send us the personalized text for us to say in the song.  When the song is finised we will send you the song to your email.  You can download it and send it to the person it was personalized for.  

What a great way to send someone a kind message that can be there for
them to listen to anytime they would like.

To purchase the personalized song click on the PayPal Buy Now Button:

After your purchase you will be sent to a form to fill out for your personalized message.   The form can also be found below.
Thank you for spreading kindness in our world.

​Jammin' Randy

Personalized Kindess Song