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Moving To The ABC's
2018 Best Children's Educational Preschool CD of the Year
Creative Child Magazine

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Jammin' Randy
"Moving To The ABC's" CD Release Page
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2018 CD of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine!!
"Moving To The ABC's is a fun new CD for children learning their ABC's!!  A song for every letter of the alphabet.  All songs have movements, actions, or dancing!!
These songs are great for Preschools, Kindergarten, Daycares or for family fun!

Jammin' Randy
Educational and Fun Children's Music

Jammin' Randy's YouTube page is very active with viewers from all over the world.  There are songs for music education, line dance, exercise and just for fun music.

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You can find videos from Randy on the Online Children's TV Channel called
"Reactory Factory TV"   A great place to watch videos for children!!
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